Katherine Hayes

Theatre work

Timewave Festival Innovation Warehouse, London and Los Angeles

Previous notable work was for Timewave – a technology and theatre festival where I was engaged to direct David Simpatico's Carpe Diesal. The piece was a four part comedy using telepresence and live staging. It was performed over four consecutive nights at Innovation Warehouse in East London. Carpe Diesal is the story of advertising executives hired to create an ad campaign to sell jeans – they used the London riots as inspiration. The piece was a satire on ‘commercial exploitation’ and the advertising  industry. We used streaming technology to broadcast actors live from Los Angeles to perform with London actors on stage in front of an audience in real time. This production required the ability to cast, script advise and rehearse with casts both here and LA, as well as manage script meetings via skype with the writer in New York.  I found this experience very rewarding as I enjoyed working with US creatives and I learnt some strategies in how to manage communications when we both could not be physically together.

CTRL- ALT -DEL Zoo Venues Edinburgh, Etcetera Theatre, London

Another exciting challenge was the preparation, dramaturgy and direction of CTRL- ALT -DEL by Emma Packer, which toured to Edinburgh at Zoo Venues. A one woman show with projection, musical elements as well as a complex text structure, meant I was challenged and creatively pushed on all levels. This is the story of a young girl’s political awakening while overcoming personal hardship. Emma wrote the piece in a mix of spoken word and rap styles. I applied Shakespearean sonnet performance techniques in order for Emma to find the depth and meaning in the performance of her text.  My responsibility was to assist her in how to create her performance and then direct both text and overall presentation of her production. Once in Edinburgh I led the technical get in for the show and provided marketing support. Additionally our show was selected for the Zoo Venues media showcase. An extra technical get in conducted on the day of the showcase required the ability to make quick choices and engage professionally with unfamiliar venue staff.  

Rehearsals and Workshops

My experience also includes rehearsal director and workshop leader roles. As rehearsal director for productions for Charm Offensive Theatre Company, rehearsals included for their productions of  Ivanov/The Seagull/A Month in the Country/Three Sisters. Covering as a rehearsal director requires the ability to gain quick familiarity with plays, work with actors to co-ordinate what was done previously, find new inspiration within the rehearsal, and the ability to guide through a text whilst not altering the standards set by the director of the piece.  As workshop leader - projects at the University of Greenwich where drama students aged 18-19 years were engaged in creative processes, taking a new play, creating a world within which to improvise, and then performing sections of the text.